E-commerce as a skilled profession

E-Commerce Ausbildung

Electronic commerce is making more profit than it has done for a long time. You could almost say that online trade is booming. The transformation has cast its spell over us. So it stands to reason that the training and professional world is adapting itself to the new circumstances too.

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The e-commerce surgery

e-Commerce Doings

2018 has dawned and new technologies are in circulation. An important topic is artificial intelligence, which is very significant particularly in digital commerce. The digital commerce magazine of “Der Handel” surveyed experts from agencies, commerce and various service sectors. We’re looking forward to finding out the experts’ opinions!

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E-commerce trends from the USA

e-commerce trends from USA

E-commerce is a hot topic in the internet of things. Cyber Monday and Black Friday are terms we are all familiar with. Whilst these terms were primarily born in the USA, it’s fair to say that they have taken hold in Germany too. Especially now that the Christmas period has…

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