On the road to e-mobility with steel, titanium and aluminium

Nachhaltigkeit, Ökobilanz und Lebenszyklus

What do you think of when you hear the word “e-mobility“? It’s probably not steel, titanium or aluminium, is it? The steel industry has discovered the automotive industry for itself, and wishes to advance itself through the trend towards “fully automatic cars”. According to the analysis of the Indian industry…

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Cows and Internet of Things

Digitale Transformation im Kuhstall

At first glance, animals from the farm have absolutely nothing to do with the digitization or the Internet of Things. However, agriculture is an important part of the world, as it serves as a supplier.

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The struggle for the steel sector

Probleme in der Stahlbranche

ThyssenKrupp has new plans. The steel group would like to merge its own steel division with the London European business of the Indian team-mate Tata Steel. Still, there has been no new result now.

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If your steel is delivered up to the couch!

Missstände und Probleme im Stahl

The steel market continues to digitize itself from day to day. However, many are not totally clear how the whole thing should work. The steel market is known to be a relatively conservative sector. This does not make the upcoming digitization easier. But it is still possible to deal extensively…

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