Wanna Cry? How a computer virus makes all “wanna cry”

Wanna Cry? Wie ein Computervirus alle "zum Weinen" bringt - Wanna Cry? How a computer virus makes all "wanna cry"

More and more companies are becoming the target of computer viruses. The most known computer virus, which changed all files and wanted to release them after payment of a considerable money sum, was the Ransomeware “WannaCry”. The software uses a security hole from Windows.

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Digitization is culture and software

digitalisierung kultur software softwareentwicklung time-to-market transformation agil informationsfluss qualität

Digitization consists of two parts. On the one hand, it is the culture in connection with the software and on the other hand, every company must be innovative. However, many companies do not know where and how they should tackle the problem and despair after some time.

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Digital Transformation – Between Chance and Decline

onlineshop webshop geschäftsprozesse digitaler wandel kundenzufriedenheit b2b

One thing companies should have learned in the past: Who does not go with the times goes with the times. The losers in times of change are usually the companies that are not willing to adjust their business processes. For a company only succeeds if it remains ready to adapt…

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