IoT Solutions: Robots take over the wheel!

Neue IoT-Lösungen sorgen für Reichweite

The world wide web knows everyone and everything and is always on the lookout for new solutions for old familiar problems. For most companies the search for solutions can not be fast enough – the goal is to secure market shares.

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We need new trend-technologies!

Neue Trend-Technologien müssen her!

Much revolves today only to digitization. Some are tracking digitization at every step. The others, on the other hand, now leave it cold. For this reason, we are now taking care of the trends in sci-fi technologies.

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Digitization begins with humanity!

Digitalisierung braucht Optimismus

Many think that the 4th revolution can only be tackled with technologies – but that is not true! The technologies only help us to achieve our goals faster. An important magic tool that everyone needs who deals with digitization is courage.

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Embrace the digitization!

digitalisierung cloud-plattformen mittelstand industrie neukunden

Large companies, such as Bosch and Siemens, always mention the importance of digitalization for their company. With the two companies, the transformation is visible – they rely on cloud platforms.

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The online trade is going through the roof

online-handel trade sicherheit hacker gütesiegel zielgruppe digitalisierung internethändler

Digitization is progressing. At the same time, the number of German internetworkers is increasing. The online trade has grown double-digit in 2016 and the 50 billion euro mark has been cracked for the first time, which at least is appreciated by the Cologne Institute for Trade Research.

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